Hihi lovelies,

Trust you all have been well?
I’ve been well and also very busy with work and the other things I’m trying my hands on,and it’s been pretty rewarding!(i will share this with you in another post soon)

I made a post recently on my IG handle @morieniikeji on the offshoulder trend being a “band wagon” that I’ve easily hopped on and can’t seem to get off from.And trust me when I say I doubt if I am anytime soon!😄

Now,this trend may seem a bit “risqué” for some,but I assure you a little show of those shoulder blades wouldn’t hurt no one 😉  and  I being more of a conservative  “fashionista” would probably say the offshoulder trend is my current *risqué outfit* indulgence !!LOL and please do indulge me all the way until I either get tired of it or get tired of sewing it! (Trust me,it’s sooo easy to make that I doubt this)

I’ve seen varying versions and interpretations of this trend in different fabric textures and silhouettes as it has become the go to outfit to almost all social scenes,be it a movie night or a cocktail party or even a wedding party.

Thought to share with you some of the few I made for me and a few friends since I caught the bug 🙂
Happy viewing!

 And if you’re interested in hopping on this trend and you need some help,just hit me up on my personal email address and I’ll hook you up at an affordable cost .

Here’s cheers to the rest of your Tuesday being beautiful!



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