I will write again!

Hi there lovelies,

It’s been eons here,several months of me laying aside those things that my fragile mind couldn’t handle and writing was one of those!

I wept,huffed,puffed,laughed hard in dismay and wept again-I was heartbroken!

And whilst this was a very difficult time in my life,I learnt my best lesson ever-Know thyself !

It is from this basic knowledge or truth that every other thing stems out ,it defines our values and hence directs our journey through life that has been ordained by the Creator of all things.

In my sorrow and pain,I found the “me” that He wants me to be and its easier to take steps in creating that for indeed life isn’t about finding ourselves,it’s about being deliberate enough to become the people we are meant to be..so it’s in the choices and decisions we make.

And so,this time I choose to write again!expressing what my heart has to offer to the world out there about Fashion and Style or My faith,Personal Struggles and victories.

So I encourage you all to #live again!




6 thoughts on “I will write again!

  1. God’s Word will always be true. Hr indeed causes all things to work together for good for them that love Him and are called according to His purpose. Yeah,we might be heartbroken but He still brings out a greater good for our sakes. I take solace in my challenges and the good they will bringout. Thanks for writing again!

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  2. Hey. Dammie Alabi shared this post on Facebook so I decided to check it out. I looooove what you did with the quotes, it’s like you were making this very long meaningful sentence with different quotes. Great job! I’m sorry about the heartbreak or perhaps I should be happy for you because to birth or renew something out of rubbles to inspire others is huge.

    Thank you for getting in touch with this side of you again, looking forward to reading more inspiring posts from you.


  3. Hi Lady,

    A very honest post, thank you for sharing and inspiring others. I am so glad that you emerged victorious from the diffiucult phase.

    We live, we learn, we grow and reveal improved versions of ourselves. Life… 🙂

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