My kind of woman!

Hiya there..

Its been a fortnight between us!I couldn’t make last week’s post date with you…my apologies.

Its been a time of hustle-bustle,thinking-sighing,meditating-praying and ultimately coming to a new place of growth!

I like to believe I have a larger percentage of female followers and visitors so I’d like to share this passage written as an article that i recently came across in my pondering and search for the “why” of my existence.

Please meditate on these words and share on with other ladies out there whom you know need to make this resolve and be defined by it!

*Proverbs 31*
I am a capable,intelligent and virtuous woman.
I am far more precious than jewels.
My value is far above rubies or pearls.
My husband trusts in me confidently so that he has no lack of gain.
I comfort,encourage and do my husband only good all the days of my life.
I focus on the good in everything.
I work with willing hands,sowing and cultivating my seed.
I do whatever it takes.
I go the distance.
I obtain spiritual food for my husband no matter what it costs and delegate tasks.
I do business wisely and carefully,expending my life prudently without neglecting my present responsibilities.
I gird myself with strength spiritually,mentally and physically so that i may accomplish my God given tasks today.
I taste and see that the gain from my work with and for God is good.
My lamp does not go out,but burns on continually through the night(of trouble privation and sorrow),warning away fear,doubt and distrust.
I make my arms strong and firm,i grab hold of the plow and do not turn back nor look back. Whatever i put my hands to prospers.
I open my filled hands to the poor and needy whether it be in body,mind or spirit.
I fear not the cold snow for my family,for all of my household are doubly clothed in scarlet. We have a double portion of God’s goodness  and we are covered by the blood of Jesus.
I use my hands to create a beautiful atmosphere in my home.
I am clothed with righteousness and royalty.
My husband has a good strong reputation and sits among the influencers in our city.
I am the righteousness of God. My mind thinks righteous thoughts and therefore i produce acts of righteousness and lead others to them as well. My anointing helps relieve others of their burdens so that they may serve God whole-heartedly.
Strength and dignity are my clothing and my position is strong and secure,(i am crowned with beauty and compassion)
I smile at the future knowing that my family and i are ready for it.
I open my mouth in skillful and godly wisdom (confessing Gods word consistently)
The law of kindness is on my tongue.
I look well to how things go in my household. I am not ignorant,thoughtless or foolish but i understand the will of God.
I do not eat the bread of idleness,gossip,discontent and self-pity.
Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain but i am a woman who fears the Lord and i shall be praised.
I will enjoy the fruit of my hands and my works will bring me honor in the gates of the city.



8 thoughts on “My kind of woman!

    • My late response to this comment clearly shows how long I ignored blogging!!my goodness, just couldn’t juggle it with the pressure of that phase….i realised this and simply backed off….time and time again,our strengths and resolve are being tested,May I find grace to return.Thanks for the nudge Lady😍

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