Style Feature-Dammie Alabi

Hihi there!

Its Tuesday…(yeap,you already know that!*smile*)well I hope you did remember its another post date with Vathiswa by Hester…keeping tracks of weekly posts and what else this gal here has to say:)..

Well I ain’t saying too much today except to introduce our “Style feature”for today(I wonder what tag we can give that?hmmmm…any suggestions from y’all?)the amazing Dammie Alabi,who shares with us her personal style.

Do enjoy below:

“My dear friend and fashion buddy asked me to talk about my style on her blog today. She is my no 1 supporter when it comes to fashion….always inspiring me to embrace my style irrespective of how quirky it seems…we get the weird looks together when we walk down the street…lol
I wouldn’t say I have a definite personal style;I’d rather say I am one who just goes with the flow, I wear whatever I like…I must however confess that a few “styles” have a huge influence on how I look –
• I am in love with my African roots, so naturally I incorporate that in my look…..
• My favourite colour is black and I mostly always wear black in my outfits….
• My love for black has also made me fall in love with some form of punk howbeit in a very sublime way.
The days I feel like a label, I actually call my style “Afro-Punk”
I recently fell in love with tees and sneakers. I love the comfort wearing a tee gives me, the feel of soft cotton against my skin is priceless!….not really sure if being plus size has anything to do with it but for me it’s always been comfort and fashion. If it ain’t comfortable, I won’t be caught dead in it.
My outfit today was inspired by a sprained knee….lol… my friend’s baby was clocking one over the weekend and we had a small party for her, I danced for about three hours and the pain in my already sprained knee returned with vengeance….hell hath no fury like a knee taken for granted!..  *laughs*
I love me!”

Style is indeed about the mindset!








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