It’s a new year!

Back in Lagos…. So I’m sitting downstairs on the concrete slab that covers the septic tank at our backyard, wearing an electric blue knit dress, a colorful floral kimono overcoat and rocking my three month plus Afro drawn into a bun…I totally feel in touch with Mother earth!

It had been a while I felt that close or intimate with my indigenous part apart from similar feelings I got whilst I was home in Abeokuta for the festive season,I fell right back in step with my roots,core values that had been sidestepped were brought back to the surface…I was in touch with me!thinking of the very essence of my existence and living,forced upon me by the calmness that came from the simplicity of my hometown rather than the fast paced “Lagos living”

As I searched within me for goals and dreams to be reached and achieved in the year 2015,I am reminded of the simplicity of purpose,the essence to it all;it isn’t to go big OR go home,it is to live,give,love,share,laugh not alone,BUT with others. It is in this, that fulfilment comes!

I am once again reminded of the reason I started this blog,to share with others my love for life, fashion,style, my experiences and if you may,my successes! Please continue with me on this journey as I do with you …here’s wishing you a fulfilling 2015!!!!Cheers to us.

Morenikeji Akinsola,
Vathiswa by Hester.



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