…Dig in- #Be deliberate.

Hello beautiful people,

Feels dusty and cobwebby in here…lol.It has indeed been a  while. Now starting to think perhaps the daily,weekly or Bi-weekly upload of posts can’t work for me….at least for now.Honestly, I prefer to shut up when I don’t really have anything profound to say or share.#sigh….

This brings me to what I’d like to share with you today; Living deliberately is TOUGH!…you wonder, is it really?Well,I suppose its easier to allow life’s course take you anywhere and everywhere…easier to go with the flow of this saying”God’s Will be done”and that becomes our reality.

I wonder,where is the place of pressing into God,our Source, to truly know what He’ll have us do per time?

Call this a diversion from what this blog is about “Fashion&Styling”but please,indulge me. I am realising that Life is too short to dance to its unstable rhythms… Only God is constant in who He is,not to us,but who He really is.

There is weariness in fickle things,even life rhythms. Let us abide in HIM and seek to know what to do per time-Now,that is Faith.

It is a deliberate action to abide in Him…but in Him,we should live,move and have our being!

From ‘Keji with love.