Quick Style- Iro ‘n’ buba

Hihi friends,

Its been few days between us…hope you’re all still pushing through life and living it deliberately?

Here’s a quick one on one of the easiest,most flattering trends on the Nigerian fashion scene (seemingly creeping into the other international scenes too)-the silk and or Chiffon blouse and wrapper otherwise known as Iro and buba.

Iro and buba is a traditional Yoruba(one of the three major tribes in Nigeria) outfit that has been worn over a long period of time…a cultural symbol of dignity and status amongst women worn in different ways and recently modified into the one now referred to as silk/chiffon iro and buba.

Normally,silk or chiffon prints aren’t the typical fabrics of choice for the traditional iro and buba outfit but Fashion is about recreating and debunking the ‘donts’ of ‘normality'(in whatever context you may think it is)

You’ll agree with me its one of the best things that’s ever happened to the fashion scene as its so easy to wear ,flattering almost all body types…it exudes style,class and glamour…all depending on how you wear it…pair it with a pair of flatties(flat shoes),you’re looking effortlessly chic…pair it with a pricey (or not)pair of pumps,you look glam…be it in Africa or Europe, you’re good to go…we sure are loving this trend#smile

Sharing with you some iro and buba outfits made by my label “Vathiswa by Hester”….

Let’s keep living deliberately!










#VathiswabyHester designs


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