Getting used to blogging…

…So I did put up a post a day after my last one…added new photos to showcase designs made by VbH,my label..and Alas!I couldn’t find it on the list of published posts nor that of local drafts…#phew..all that hard work and racking of brain for proper words and adjectives for nothing!?

Anyways,its been a whole week of inward reflections for me putting all things into perspectives…I realized we all crave validation in some sort of ways/like I craved (and still do) my site been viewed and  followed by you all:)/to simply jeer us into achieving all we truly desire to. As we look outward we also look inwards. When we do find some treasures within;allow it reflect on the outside….aso ni ewá òde mi..Style is a true reflection of an inward beauty..that is the message my label seeks to re-affirm.

However,above all..let us look to God;our creator..for in Him,we truly find ALL we seek and hope to find!







10 thoughts on “Getting used to blogging…

  1. I’m sure if its by you, I’ll love it .
    I’m loving my silk wrapper and top all the way, I’ve tried it on like 15 times, though the wedding I’m wearing it to is still a couple of days away. Lol.

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